How to use Minecraft seeds

Using a Minecraft world seed is very easy to do for a single or multiplayer game.

To use a world seed for a single player game of Minecraft simply select single player from the main menu, and go to create new world. Go to more world options, and in the black box paste my seed in there, or try using your own and submit your seed to us! You can also leave this blank, and the game will generate a random seed for you.  Select done, and create the world.  You are now playing in the Minecraft world seed you selected.

How to use Minecraft world seeds
For multiplayer, open your server properties file, located in the .minecraft server folder.  Where it says “level-seed=” enter your seed after with no space after the = sign.  You will now generate a server with your choosen Minecraft world seed.

If you are still having difficulty using Minecraft world seeds, check out the video below for a detailed explanation.