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Minecraft World Seed - FlappyBird Version - 1.7.10 This awesome seed spawns your right next to the beginning of a mesa biome on the border of a forest. This mesa biome is absolutely massive, it goes on and on forever. There is also the beginning of the sea that makes for a nice mesa coast. Time to build some multi colored clay houses out of all those sweet blocks!...



Minecraft World Seed - SurviveThisIsland I was hoping to get a survival island seed with this one but I was still not disappointed.  You start right on the banks of a winding river that forks right near your feet.  This river seperates a jungle biome from a desert biome.  About 30 paces beyond the desert is a plains biome, and exploring the jungle led me to many swamp biome areas as well.  There are several small jungle lakes and most are filled with octopi so be careful when swimming.  These lakes also are home to several s...